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Welcome to Prosapia!
Prosapia (Latin for Family) is a raiding guild on the Cenarius server that emphasizes respect for fellow members, honorable conduct in-game, and success in PvE content.

We have run two 10 man raids that run on differing nights. We ended T14 with 16/16 normals and 2/6 heroic MSV. We are 12/12 in ToT. We are currently recruiting a Holy pally and Lock for our raid and push into ToT heroics. Our intent is to make quality attempts and progress into heroics while still raiding two nights a week. We are a guild that likes to joke around when we are not pulling raid bosses and... occasionally when we are.

On off nights we run guild LFRs, hunt for achievements, and all sorts of other content. In Cataclysm as a guild we went 6/7 Hard modes in Firelands prior to 4.3 and cleared all of heroic DS. We are currently eagerly awaiting the release of MOP and resuming raid content as a focus. Once MOP releases we will be looking for quality raiders to fill out gaps in rosters and push the new content.

Members of Prosapia are expected to maintain respectable conduct both in-game and out, and adhere to the World of Warcraft's Terms of Use and EULA.

Raid times are 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. server time on Wednesday and Thursday or Monday and Sunday.

Guild Perks
Mass Resurrection
Guild Level 25
Fast_track Mount_up Mr_popularity Cash_flow Fast_track2 Reinforce Hasty_hearth Reinforce2 The_doctor_is_in Mobile_banking Mr_popularity2 Honorable_mention Working_overtime The_quick_and_the_dead Cash_flow2 Guild_mail For_great_justice Honorable_mention2 For_great_justice2 Ride_like_the_wind Working_overtime2 Bountiful_bags Bartering Mass_resurrection